What to Expect


Whether you have been a Christian for a long time or just beginning to explore Christian Faith, we want you to know that you are most welcome. Church services are both casual and intentional, warm and reverent, a place for the joyful and the hurting. We would be honored if you would join us.


Services at Iron Works blend both contemporary and ancient elements. We sing a mixture of hymns, original worship songs, and some modern praise music. Services contain readings of scripture, prayers, preaching of the Bible, and the Lord’s table.  At worship, we focus on what God says to us in the Scriptures and how He calls us to respond.



Liturgy, simply put, is a defined pattern or order for how something is done. In the context of a church service, liturgy is, in essence, a dialogue between God and us, a pattern that we can follow throughout the week. We see God’s glory, we are called to worship and respond with devotion. As we see God, we also see our sin, and there is space to confess, as well as receive God’s unequivocal pardon. We respond in thanksgiving as we are brought to the Lord's table in communion. This pattern grounds us in the rich history of the church, following the pattern laid out for generations, but it is also comes alive in a new way each week, a new conversation every time. Check out a recent worship guide to get an idea of what a service would look like.


The music functions in this dialogue by giving people the chance, and in fact the responsibility, to sing the truth to their neighbor, as well as receive that truth and worship. The music simply facilitates the church serving one another in this way by giving them a unified voice. In that vein, in our stylistic and song choices, we value songs that are singable, both ancient and modern, and songs that cover a range of emotion, giving space for both joy and lament, praise and pleading, and a strong current of the gospel running throughout. Head over to the MUSIC BLOG to check out what we've been up to lately. 


We love to see the church caring for one another and our community, and Sunday services are a part of that. 

  • BUILD FRIENDSHIPS: We seek to be hospitable and welcoming, providing light breakfast fare and time to connect, with new faces or long-time friends.  
  • PRAYER: Following the worship service, leaders from Iron Works are available in the back of the room to pray with and for you.  If you are feeling the weight of something in your life, we would love to pray for you. Prayer requests are kept confidential.  


Children are valued parts of our church, and we seek to engage them in a number of ways. They are always welcome in the service, noises and all! We also have some other opportunities for our little ones: 


  • Baby Works (0-2 nursery) is available throughout Sunday school and the service.
  • Tot Works (2-4) is a hands-on Montessori style class, also available through the morning. 
  • Kid Works (K5-2nd grade) is a class that meets during the sermon portion of the service
  • Once a month on Doodle Sundays, the older kids get a chance to stay in the service, with special activities and supplies. We want them to learn that church is for them too, and give them skills to worship with the rest of the congregation.
  • Sunday School: There is nursery available for 0-4, and an interactive Catechism Class for kids 5-10.