Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is a Custom Church App?

A custom church app means that we are building a truly customized app for your church or ministry using the ChurchLink App platform. You decide on your app name and design choices for your app icons and launch screens. All of your content, tab configurations, banners and colors can be changed dynamically through the ChurchLink Dashboard. The ChurchLink platform gives you great flexibility in rapidly creating a custom church app without working to develop an app from scratch. No development skills are required whatsoever.

The ChurchLink App is one of the most robust church apps in the industry. It is designed designed and developed as an affordable alternative to launching your own custom app. The ChurchLink App gives you all of the features of our custom app solution but users download the ChurchLink App and then simply save your church as their favorite. Once your church has been saved users will feel like ChurchLink is your church’s app, not ours. You’re in complete control of all content and have access to unlimited features with our ChurchLink App Pro plans.

+ How do I sign up for a Custom App?

The first step is to click on the “Create My App” on the Pricing page. This will automatically sign you up for our free ChurchLink Lite plan in which you can upgrade at any time through your ChurchLink Dashboard. Payment is required in order for our team to begin the custom app setup process. A team member will be assigned to your account and will assist you throughout the setup process. Our goal is to have your app live on the stores within 2-3 weeks of signing up for one of our custom plans.

+ How do I manage my app?

Managing your app is a cinch! Upon signing up you will have access to your ChurchLink Dashboard which is accessible 24/7. This is where you control all of your content and have full access to all of your app settings. If your church has feeds added your app will run on autopilot with no updating required.

Yes! This is the best way for your audio and blogs to stay updated automatically.

+ How long does it take for my custom app to go live?

We strive to have your app live on the App Store and Google Play between 2-3 weeks from signing up. A lot depends on how fast your designs are completed and how fast Apple approves your app for availability on the App Store. The quicker your designs are completed the quicker we can deploy your app to the stores. The approval time for iTunes is approximately 5-10 days from submitting your app. Google has an automated approval process so once your Android App is deployed it will be available for download the same day. Our goal is to get your app approved as quickly as possible without compromising any quality of work along the way.

+ Can I upgrade my app at any time?

Yes! Many churches start out with the ChurchLink App but over time want their very own app. If and when you decide to upgrade you can upgrade with a seamless migration process. Your church will continue to be on the ChurchLink App with the same content that is on your custom app. Upgrade knowing that users slow to migrate to your custom app will continue to see the same content in both places.

Our current iOS platform supports iOS 8 and up for iPhone and iPad. Our Android platform supports phones and tablets running 3.3 and higher. Our Android platform can be downloaded on all Android phones and tablets.

+ What about software updates?

One great reason to use ChurchLink is that we handle all the updates for you! If you select our Branded App option we will update your app for you. These updates are at no additional cost to you and might include bug fixes, performance updates, and overall platform enhancements. hown on our website are included in your subscription.

+ What if I need to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time via the Dashboard! We do not offer refunds unless there is a particular circumstance that warrants a refund. Your subscription will be canceled at the last day of your billing cycle.